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War of Glory:Blitz


"War of Glory Blitz is a fast paced, real time, war strategy game, that takes you back into the time of World War II.The endless option of war strategy will always keep you second guessing your war skills.Are you going to claim your victories across the globe, in the player vs player league?Maybe you'd rather hone your skills against the many great in-depth single player campaigns.War of Glory Blitz key features include the following, but the awesomeness isn't limited to:***************features***************1. Simple & Advanced operations.2. Grand battle scenes.3. In-depth campaign history.4. Real time player vs player.5. League system.6. Various combat troops.7. Weapon & Skill technology tree.8. World wide community."***************************************
Google+ Community: have reward!)
This game still in develop,we would like to use this opportunity to share this game. we will build and improve our game based on your feedback and if server shutdown please tell us.